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Christina Cioffe Esposito

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Over 12 years of experience in government and advising companies in highly regulated industries

Christina was previously Managing Director at Tusk Holdings including their equity-for-services division that worked with early stage startups and founders to solve complex issues in key markets. During her time at Tusk, she led campaigns for Fortune 500 companies ranging in issue areas including retail, travel, gaming, land use, employment, sustainability, healthcare and more. Christina worked with over 60 clients successfully running dozens of campaigns including worker classification, federal rulemaking, state licenses, passing new legislation, etc.

Before spending almost a decade at Tusk, Christina worked in the New York State Governor’s Office as the Director for Strategic Digital Projects during the Cuomo Administration. Prior to joining New York State, Christina worked in the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment during the Bloomberg Administration. During her tenure in the City, she consulted city agencies, organized citywide tech events and created digital tools for small businesses and the NYC tech industry. Christina started as a New York City Urban Fellow and graduated summa cum laude from Binghamton University.

What I Do

Specializes in helping startups with regulatory and political issues that arise during market expansion & growth

  • Government Relations
  • Regulatory Campaigns
  • Market Analysis
  • Legislative Monitoring
  • Grassroots, Advocacy and Coalition Building
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Relationship Mapping and Outreach
  • Innovation Initiatives
  • Research

Expertise working across

  • Consumer & Retail
  • ClimateTech & ESG
  • Food & Beverage
  • Agriculture
  • Real Estate
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Robotics